Lake Simcoe

Fishing Lake Simcoe 

Lake Simcoe is located only 50 kilometers from down town Toronto yet is one of the best fisheries in the country. Hailed as one of the world’s foremost trophy smallmouth bass lakes, it also has a healthy population of largemouth that would rival any northern lake. Although bass might add to the lakes international popularity, most visitors come to the lake for other species such as Perch, Lake Trout, and Whitefish. Lake Simcoe is one of the most heavily fished lakes in the province but the majority of anglers come between December and March to fish through the ice. First safe ice in the bays comes in late December on average with main lake ice normally safe to travel on foot by mid January. Perch season is open all year and might be the single most sought after catch. Simcoe is famous for her Jumbo Perch and any sign of ice brings visitors from all parts of the province and south of the board to test early ice in hopes of catching a meal of these tasty pan fish. The most popular early ice perch bays are Cooks Bay in the south, Georgina Island on the south east shore, and Kempenfelt near the town docks in Barrie, where they fish off shore until freeze up and slowly move out as the ice becomes safe. Ironically enough, despite being the most intensively fished inland lake in the province, it is during the winter that the vast majority of fishing pressure occurs. More people fish here when they can walk on hardwater than at any other time. So, for visitors coming to fish the lake throughout the open water seasons of spring, summer and fall, they may find  themselves wondering  where are all the anglers went. Let’s just say that their loss is your gain and if you want to maximize your Time on the Water during your visit, then read on and we’ll try and help teach you a little about our big lake.

Lake Muskoka

Muskoka is one of Ontario’s most expansive lakeland regions, and it’s no wonder that it’s home to some of the greatest sport and recreational fishing in the province. From small-mouthed to large-mouthed bass, northern pike to walleye, Lake Muskoka has a diverse, healthy, and tasty selection of fish for you to catch.