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Lake Simcoe Cottages

First Tee 七房湖景维多利亚房
  • First Tee 七房湖景维多利亚房
  • Our cottage can be the perfect destination for your next staycation, conference meeting, wedding, family event, or reunion. Experience its Victorian style atmosphere and character which will take your breath away with its truly inspire vintage inte.
  • Price Per Night: from $799
  • Bedrooms: 7
  • Location: Lake Simcoe Cottages
Mayfair Cabin 超大双层木屋
  • Mayfair Cabin 超大双层木屋
  • Our stunning location near Lake Simcoe provides an idyllic location for hiking and biking, and our close proximity to the water provides opportunities for water sports like kayaking and canoeing!
  • Price Per Night: from $1099
  • Bedrooms: 10
  • Location: Lake Simcoe Cottages